How much you end up saving depends on two things, you and your home. The best place to start saving is by changing your behaviour. A few simple changes and you could be saving big!

The next step is a few low-cost installations that will take your savings up a notch. Finally you can invest in some big ticket items that will help you start saving some serious moola.

There are some steps (big and small) that you can take to ensure that you get smart and save.

  • The best case scenario is a combination of you changing your own behaviour and making some small – or big – changes to your home to help you cut your water and electricity consumption.
  • There are no-cost and low-cost measures you can take as well as others that require more investment but produce even better results and more considerable savings.

Start Measuring Your Consumption

The first and most important step is to understand your own consumption habits and costs. By watching how long you spend in the shower or how much water you heat for a cup of coffee you can start to see where you can save.