There is only one thing better than a SMARTHOME, and that is an EDGE Certified SMARTHOME.

EDGE is a green building certification system that gives you peace of mind that your home has been built using some of the best green technology to significantly cut your water and electricity bills. An EDGE certified SMARTHOME is the way to go as it gives you the opportunity to save 20% or more on your water and electricity costs as long as you use the green features in the home correctly. The savings on your electricity and water bills leave you with extra money in your pocket.

What Are The Benefits of a SMARTHOME?

Life is getting more expensive and we all want ways to save some money. A SMARTHOME is equipped with the tools that help you save water and electricity. It can help you to save and have more cash in your hands for other things.

Think about it! That smart phone you’ve been eyeing for months, the pair of shoes that are a little bit out of your wallet’s league or even the dream house you’ve saved in your favourites list on your computer. You can take the first step towards being able to afford these things if you make the right, smart changes in your life. Living in a SMARTHOME can help you save money, upgrade your life or at the very least, be able to invest in the small luxuries.


Going smart and living in a SMARTHOME has got other benefits as well.

You will be kinder to the environment and you will make your contribution towards leaving the planet in a good condition for your children and their children.

Watch these videos to get more information and see why going smart is the smart thing to do.


Why should you go smart? With everything getting more expensive, it is time to evaluate your life and see where you can save.

There are many benefits to being smarter in how you use resources like water and electricity. Think about it. The more water and electricity you save, the more moola in your pocket to spend on the important things in life like a holiday or a university savings plan.

Use our calculator to see how much water and electricity your home currently uses and how you can upgrade your life by saving!

Then visit our How to Get Smart page to get started today.

Still feel like you need more reasons to start getting smart?