What is a SMARTHOME and What Are The Benefits?

The cost of living has risen to levels that are uncomfortable for many of us. We all try hard to stretch our money further and one way to do that is to tighten our belts to save some money. And we all want to do this without drastically changing our way of life. Cue the SMARTHOME!

Are you the kind of estate agent that wants nothing but the best for their clients? Do you want to have an edge on your competition by giving your clients something extra? You’ll probably agree that usually the one key consideration for your clients when looking for a new home is affordability.

Did you know that you can actually help your clients save money by finding them an EDGE certified SMARTHOME. An EDGE certified SMARTHOME will help your clients save money by saving a minimum of 20% on their water and electricity bills once they move in, as long as they use the features correctly They’ll love you for it and referring potential clients to you will become second nature to them.

An EDGE certified SMARTHOME is a home that has been designed and built in such a way that it gives its occupant more control and helps them save water and electricity, which ultimately puts more money in their pocket. A SMARTHOME It is fitted with features and tools that assist them in reducing their usage of these limited resources.

By offering your clients an EDGE certified SMARTHOME you are getting the edge on your competition which could help pay for that dream vacation or the kitchen upgrade you’ve always wanted.

The possibilities are endless! Get your clients to live in SMARTHOMES, where they can be able to save water and electricity, have more cash that they can use to upgrade their life.

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